USITCC live IT Competition events announced!

USITCC news:

  • USITCC 2023 live finally!    (3rd try will be the charm)
    • March 30 - April 1, 2023
    • Plano, TX (north Dallas) at the Marriott Dallas/Plano Legacy Town Center!
    • Event Flyer:
    • Plan to arrive Thu 3/30 afternoon to pickup registration materials and be in the 1st round of competition events!
    • Contests are Thursday night 3/30 and all day on Friday 3/31!
    • Note: the traditional Saturday closing awards banquet will NOW be a Saturday awards luncheon (11:30am-1pm) on April 1st, 2023!
  • 2022 USITCC Regionals this fall and a chance to warm-up your IT skills!

  • 4/27/2022: 2022 Student IT organization winners are announced!
  • 3/17/2022: USITCC 2022 FREE Virtual Sessions were held Fri 4/1 & 4/8/2022
    Check out the event schedule and recap  by clicking here!
  • 1/18/2022: The USITCC/ISECON LIVE 2022 event has been officially *CANCELLED*
  • Sadly, it has become a repeat of the spring, 2020 time frame as we approached the event March date.
  • We were ALL so-looking forward to the ability to RETURN to live IT Competition events.
  • The decision was NOT taken likely but out of the concern for the health, safety and wellness of ALL parties (students, faculty, parents and event staff) along with the ability for colleges & universities to attend - the best decision was to simply cancel the event before transportation was booked and registrations were paid for.


==>FITE Outstanding Student Organization award (see below)


USITCC South Central 2021 Regionals

  • Amarillo College hosted the USITCC South Central Regionals 10/28-30/2001 marking the return of LIVE student IT competition events!
  • ALL competition winners can be found on their event website:
  • Pictures of the closing Awards event are also available by clicking HERE!

USITCC 2021 went Virtual

USITCC History:

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Additional Event Details

The USITCC is produced by the Foundation for IT Education as part of its ongoing efforts to fulfill its mission of promoting information technology research and education and to encourage and support individuals entering and considering entering the information technology profession.  The Foundation offers scholarships to students enrolled in undergraduate collegiate information technology-related programs across America.


IT/IS Student Organization Award for your group from FITE

“FITE IT Student Organization Award!”

During the 2019 USITCC event April 4-6, 2019 in Galveston,  it was announced that a new award would be created for IT student organizations called the "IT Student Organization of the Year"!!!  The details and steps to apply are: