• To become an ITSA Affiliate, Student Organizations must:
    1. Submit an Application for Affiliation. This may be completed online at: https://bsu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_42gaChuhhOsYlee
    2. Required information:
      1. Organization:
        • Organization name
        • Organization website
      2. School:
        • School Name
        • Chapter Advisor Name
        • Chapter Advisor Title (at the associated educational institution)
        • Chapter Advisor Email
        • On-campus mailing address
      3. Student Officers:
        • Student President Name & Email
        • Student Vice President Name & Email
        • Student Treasurer Name & Email
        • Student (other) Officer name & Email
      4. A Letter Requesting Affiliation (from one of the following):
        • Chapter Advisor, or
        • Department Chair, or
        • Dean, or
        • An appropriate administrator from the affiliating educational institution.
      5. The letter must be prepared using letterhead stationery and must include statements to the following:
        • Request to Affiliate with the Information Technology Students of America
        • A statement that “We have (or we are going to have), an IT-centric student organization at our school”
        • State the name and title of the appointed Faculty Advisor
        • A sample letter is available for download here: (link to sample letter) 
      6. Pay an annual Affiliate Organization Fee; as stipulated in the ITSA Affiliate Policies and Procedures document (see the “Fees” page for details). (The annual fee is per student organization, not per student.)
  • Applications for affiliation will be reviewed for appropriateness of affiliation by the ITSA Board of Directors, at their next regularly scheduled meeting.