The Information Technology Students of America (ITSA) is organized and maintained to pursue nine objectives shared in common with the Foundation for IT Education:

  1. To provide educational programs and services on information technology issues for professionals, educators, the computer industry, businesses, government, students, individuals considering entering the profession, and the general public.
  2. To study and determine the areas of need for education and development in information technology for professionals, students, those considering entering the profession and the general public.
  3. To develop and implement educational courses, materials, and information on information technology issues facing the industry and the general public.
  4. To encourage the development and adoption of technical and managerial information technology standards and preferred practices.
  5. To develop and implement self-evaluation programs for information technology personnel.
  6. To develop and implement educational programs concerning the evaluation of hardware, software and managerial systems.
  7. To assist educational institutions and educators in the development of effective business information technology
  8. To develop and release publications, programs, and materials that promote information technology as a professional career choice.
  9. To encourage individuals involved in and considering entering the information technology profession to advance their education by providing or administering grants, scholarships, and awards for that purpose.