Frequently Asked Questions:


How to use?


FAQ's below are designed to help you use the system and we hope you like it.  They address:

1. Registration (Individual as well as Groups or Batches). 
2. Managing Contest Teams
3. Paying by Check
4. Paying by Purchase Order (P.O.)

If you run into difficulties or have questions - simply fill out the "Contact" form and we will respond ASAP.


How to re-access your Batch?


Batch registrations are created under the first entered registrant's account.  You may log-in using the username and password you created for that registrant.  If you are unsure of the log-in credentials - please contact Kevin Jetton (Texas State University @ USITCC Event Planner) at or call 210-275-2062.


What are the Registration Types or Options?


So as to accommodate everyone wanting to attend the USITCC event - we offer multiple types of registrations depending on your objectives, schedule and student .vs. professional classification:

a. IT students: MUST register as a student in order to attend and compete and must register for the full conference which provides selected conference meals

b. IT Faculty: MUST register and selected conference meals are inclued.  BONUS: You can optionally attend the ISECON sessions (but none of that event's food functions unless you register as an add-on to your USITCC registration for that event via an upcharge).

c. IT Professionals:
    Option 1: Register for the full conference and will receive the same selected conference meals
    Option 2: Register as a guest (Fri all day, Sat all day or Sat Banquet only options)

d. Guests: Register as a guest (Fri all day, Sat all day or Sat Banquet only options)


Substitutions & Cancellations?


Substitutions are encouraged but in the event a cancellation is required, it must be in writing and will be subject to a $50 administrative fee in the event that payment has already been received. No refunds for cancellations after 3/17/2023 or for no-shows.

Communicate official cancellations via email to


Paying by Check?


When paying your conference registration fees....simply mail the check with a copy of your invoice/statement acting as a remittance advice to ensure proper payment posting to:

Foundation for IT Education
205 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 810
Chicago, IL 60601-5902


Paying by Purchase Order (P.O.)?


When wanting to pay for your conference fees by official state purchase order: 

Scan/email it to for invoicing and processing

OR Mail it to:
     Kevin Jetton, USITCC Event Planner
     2607 Rim Oak
     San Antonio, TX  78232


Contest/Event Teams 911:


Once you have entered the registrants, ANYONE from the same school has the ability to logon to the USITCC Registration site and select "Manage Teams" which allows you to:

1. View a summary ALL the teams/events/team members for your school already/previously registered thus far that is easy to read and share

2. Define NEW Team Names.   Note: a TEAM should be the 1-2 individuals that are competing in 1 or more events (together) during the entire conference (a NEW time saving feature for everyone)

3. Select Contest Events for each team

4. Add/Change/Delete Team Members (Individual registrants) which will always be at the BOTTOM of the screen requiring you to scroll down in most cases!

ANY registrant that is part of the same school/chapter can view/add/change/delete contest teams and last-minute changes will be accommodated at the contest event check-in like always.



Registration: Individual .vs. Group/Batch?


You can do group or batch registrations for ALL or some of your student group attendees at one time with one single payment summary/option or simply register each individual person one-at-a-time.

NOTE: Unless you have already registered - do NOT use/attempt to sign-on to the registration system because the sign-on is designed to view/modify registration/contest team data ONCE YOU HAVE REGISTERED and not until that point.